Nutri-Restorative Multi-Revitalising Skincare Range For Mature Skins - we love it, and here's why...

Filorga has launched its first targeted products for mature skins. Aimed at women over 50, the new Global-Repair products are designed specifically to treat all mature skin concerns, namely: dehydration; wrinkles, lack of firmness, hollow features, dark spots and loss of radiance.

The range includes two products: Global-Repair Intensive Serum and Global Repair Cream. Both contain chrono-boosted technology allowing them to be used both day and night. They also include a core formula containing 50 meso-factors, super-nutrients and cellular boosters, which combine to provide revitalising nutrition and multi-intensive anti-ageing correction.


Super-ceramides derived from scientific research are identical to those found naturally within the skin and can offset dwindling physiological ceramides. They attach themselves to epidermal lipids to restore the skin’s barrier function.

Super-omegas found in evening primrose oil and jojoba oil strengthen the hydrolipidic film, boost cell renewal and revitalise the skin.

Vitamin-E rich camellia oil along with borage oil, which contains large amounts of vitamins A, D and K, combine to create a cocktail of super-vitamins to boost the skin’s defenses and create a regenerating effect.


Global-Repair is enriched with Filorga’s patented NCEF formula, which is used in injectable mesotherapy and contains 50 polyrevitalising ingredients: vitamins, antioxidants, co-enzymes etc. This boosts the cellular functioning to regenerate the cell deep within and, a result, skin quality is renewed and the complexion is left fresh and luminous.


Hyaluro-booster – an encapsulated hyaluronic acid with konjac has powerful hygroscopic properties to swell and lift areas where the skin has become hollow, helping to even out wrinkles and provide an immediate smoothing effect.

Collagen-booster – a collagen-boosting peptide complex boosts they endogenous syntheses of collagen to redensify and restructure the dermal network. The skin is left firmer and denser.

Clear-booster – a powerful complex of five lightening active ingredients (Azeloglicine, Niacinamide, Alfa-Bisabolol, Vitamin C and Phytic Acid) use an ultra-targeted vectorisation system to deliver each active ingredient to the targeted dark-spot area, for an intensive de-pigmenting action. Dark spots are reduced and the complexion is visibly more even.

Adipo-booster – a plant extract derived from peony root is rich in oligosaccharides that step up lipid storage in the adipocytes. As a result the adipose tissue becomes thicker, skin volume is restored and the features are redefined.

Global-Repair Intensive is a high-performance serum enriched with anti-ageing retinol for boosted cellular renewal as well as glycogen, which boosts the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen. The serum can be applied alone during the day before the Global-Repair Cream and at night it can be blended with the cream and applied in a thick layer as a sleeping mask to boost effectiveness.

Global-Repair Cream contains an anti-glycating active ingredient, which protects dermal proteins whilst essential antioxidant minerals also protect cells against oxidation. It can be applied as a regular day cream and at night a thick layer can be applied as a mask and left to absorb overnight.

Commenting on the new range, Filorga International Medical Advisor, Dr Riekie Smit says, “This powerful new anti-ageing range is extremely effective for those women with a devitalised, mature skin that want an ultra-effective skincare range that instantly tackles all the signs of skin ageing. It is the most powerful anti-ageing skincare range launched by Filorga to date and boasts very impressive results.”

The Global-Repair products are currently available at selected Edgars and Red Square stores.

 Price: Global-Repair Intensive Serum – R 1 395.00
Global-Repair Cream – R 1 395.00

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