Courvoisier®, the Most Awarded Cognac House*, Invites Fans to Experience Daytime Imbibing Reimagined through #CourvoisierMoments Event Series

Courvoisier® Cognac proudly believes in celebrating life’s true pleasures and appreciating the finer things. The cognac house was founded in 1828 by Felix Courvoisier who celebrated joy in the everyday. For nearly 200 years, Courvoisier® has produced a high-quality cognac known for its vibrant, floral style. This is why Courvoisier® is introducing a range of sensory, daytime experiences that exemplify the savouring of life’s joyful moments through music and gastronomy, designed to bring people together in sophisticated luxury.


Maison Courvoisier® invites fans to celebrate daytime occasioning differently with #CourvoisierMoments

Over the next five months, Courvoisier® will host a series of #CourvoisierMoments at over 40 venues across Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town. Consumers can explore the joy of daytime occasioning with a new range of refreshing Courvoisier® serves and cocktails paired with exquisite, uncomplicated food at late-lunch or early evening affairs. Upbeat, modern jazz will accompany the intimate, laid-back experiences. More information on venues and dates will be available on Courvoisier®’s social media feeds on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

At the events, South Africa’s award-winning jazz artists Bokani Dyer and Sisonke Xonti will take centre stage and will be fused together with legendary DJ Kenzhero, the programme’s musical director, supported by Shilungwa_Mhinga. The DJ will mix live jazz with funky soulful vibes to create a truly vibrant and joyful experience.



Acclaimed mixologist and Courvoisier® Brand Ambassador George Hunter will host the events and promises to challenge cognac perceptions by creating new serves that pique flavour senses. Starting with the easy-drinking Courvoisier® Gala – the famed innovation from the 1950s that’s making a comeback. The refreshing cocktail is a zesty blend of Courvoisier® VSOP Cognac topped with tonic and served long over ice. In South Africa, Fitch & Leedes is recommended as the tonic of choice. Then it’s time for the timeless Courvoisier® VSOP French Twist which is part Courvoisier® and part Orange Curaçao or Triple Sec, syrup and lemon juice, strained fresh over cobbled or crushed ice and lengthened with club soda, garnished with lemon and raspberries.

“Courvoisier is about focussing on what brings you joy – a combination of great company, rich conversation and beautiful environments set against the backdrop of the most joyful of music genres, Jazz,” says Jeanette Edwards, Senior Brand Director Maison Courvoisier®. “The upcoming Courvoisier events paired with refreshing daytime serves and jazz allows our fans to experience Courvoisier in a new way.”




Courvoisier® and Influencers who embody appreciation

To showcase the beauty in savouring life’s true pleasures, Courvoisier® will partner with a new stable of South African influencers who epitomize the Maison’s joyful, generous and sophisticated house style. Fhatuwani’s aesthetic is where creativity and panache come together in a fun and fresh way. A talented visual artist, he co-owns a creative agency and is a prodigious photographer. Melody Molale understands the finer things and shows South Africans what living a life of opulence looks like through her taste in fashion. Her artistic vision is one of class, elegance and socialising. Tristan du Plessis takes luxury to a new level through his interior design and architecture work. His flair is a modern take on classic styles, much like the new Courvoisier® movement. Fans can follow them in the upcoming TV commercial and ongoing brand content that will go live mid-September.




The influencers will also be collaborating with Courvoisier® to curate joyful daytime events that talk to their passions and inspire consumers to pursue their creative passions. Follow their feeds for inspiration on how to bring sophisticated luxury to your Courvoisier® occasion.

Join us in celebrating these #CourvoisierMoments by going to Courvoisier®’s feeds on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.



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