It’s been a few months of lockdown, various levels and hibernating in our homes. As much as we’ve had lots of fun connecting with loved ones virtually, we’re still getting FOMO for not ticking off a few items on our bucket list...

Think about last year: you probably made several plans for 2020, but, as the saying goes “the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry”…. Adjusting to our new world where everything digital is the new normal.

Here are things we cannot wait to do after lockdown:

Not wearing a mask. We are so ready to breathe in our country’s beautiful, fresh air! We’ll try not to take it for granted…


  • Slay in these streets! It feels like forever since we were able to attend a festival and dance to the rhythm of the music! We cannot wait to dress up and go out with friends to enjoy a live concert by our favourite artists.
  • Travel! As much as we have the freedom to enjoy long walks in the park, it would be even better if that park was in a different province or country. We want to travel and explore our country with a car that takes us places! Get a car insurance quote before booking your road trip so you can drive without any worries!


  • Go for a fresh haircut! It’s been too long without having to treat ourselves at the local salon.


  • Go for a massage. We just can’t wait to book an appointment and be treated to a relaxing and rejuvenating full body massage.


  • Invite friends over for dinner. Having intimate dinners with loved ones is just one of the things we wish we never took for granted.


  • Go for a thrill ride. Of course, we’ve had enough months to think about it. Still, we are super excited to visit a theme park with friends.


By spending more time at home, you’ve probably also gained a new appreciation for the place you call home. If you don’t already, make sure you have affordable home insurance – you can easily get a quote online for this!

What do you look forward to doing after lockdown? Whatever it is, we dare you to add it to your bucket list, live your way and do it!

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