From a small grocery store opened by Luigi Lavazza in 1895, Lavazza coffee was born...

It is synonymous of excellent Italian Espresso in over 90 countries and the leading brand of coffee in Italy. Lavazza coffee has been on an endless journey of innovation from blending coffees from different parts of the world to catering to the tastes of individuals, to new roasting machines that ensure aromatic excellence and allowing coffee to be prepared with beans and a capsule. Lavazza is a global leader and a premium coffee specialist true to exploring, discovering and reinventing the art of blending.

“Without coffee, somethings missing”

Al Pacino

Qualità Oro is the very first Lavazza blend, created in 1956 and is available in retail stores. The coffee is ideal for those who love to savour a premium blend daily. Made from a selection of the finest 100% Arabica beans, mainly from Latin America, this blend is fruity and aromatic, with hints of malt and honey suitable for all coffee makers.

Qualità Rossa is rich and full-bodied coffee, perfect for those who want to get off to a great and energetic start to their day. This uniquely blended coffee is made from a combination of Brazilian Arabica beans for body and sweetness with African and South East Asian Robusta beans fir intensity and warm notes of cocoa. It is a richly flavoured coffee ideal for an everyday coffee with its intense and energetic blend.

Crema E Gusto is ideal coffee for any occasion, with the perfect combination of intensity and full-body for the perfect latte and caffe latte. This creamy and full- bodied blend consists of a selection of high quality Arabica and Robusta beans with a fragrantly flavour and pleasant chocolatey finish. A classic Italian coffee andamongst Italy’s best sellers!

For the decaffeinated coffee lovers, Caffè Decaffeinato is the ideal decaf offer by Lavazza. Lavazza decaffeination method is natural and preserves the authentic taste of the quality coffee beans. The natural method results in a coffee rich and full in flavour and body, with notes of honey and almond. This coffee is perfect for any time of the day or night.

Lavazza Prontissimo offers more than just an instant coffee, it is a 100% Arabica blend enriched with 10% finely ground coffee to get a great premium tasting instant coffee. Prontissimo! CLASSICO presents a round and well-balanced taste with top notes of caramel. Prontissimo! INTENSO presents a strong and full-bodied taste with notes of roasted beans. For the taste lovers, Lavazza Prontissimo makes an extraordinary taste experience, in an instant!

Compatible Capsules – through dedication to innovation and quality, Lavazza has launched a new line of capsules compatible with Nespresso®* domestic machines. The creation of the capsules begins with a “Noble Dark Roasting” method — developed by the company – with the aim of extracting the most “noblest” of aromas. This is coupled with a velvety grind that yields a superior in-cup result, guaranteeing a smooth and even coffee extraction which preserves all the richness of flavours. The grinds are then blended with others from coffees of diverse origins to create a unique flavour profile for each product. Subsequently, to maintain all the freshness and aroma of the coffee, the blend is packed and sealed in a protective atmosphere with a technology called “Aroma Safe”

The new capsule line is a result of Lavazza’s expertise in leading the coffee industrywith quality and innovation, combined with almost thirty years’ experience in the production and marketing of systems and products for the single serve segment.

Lavazza Coffee will be relaunched in SA’s retail space in October by Incobrands.

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  1. Henry

    Where can we find these Lavazza products? They were pulled from the shelves a while ago.

    • Gina Bornman

      Hi Henry,
      The product is being relaunched 1st October – so should be readily available. I will check where they will be sold and update you. Thanks. JS


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