BULLDOG Gin’s Bold Ones campaign celebrates those who dare be audacious and carve new paths, previously highlighting the stories of musician Lady Du and fashion designer Wanda Lephoto—and now, the brand is set to launch a new Bold Ones campaign this season. In addition, BULLDOG is taking the opportunity to turn the lens inward and pay homage to its founder, Anshuman Vohra, who boldly created a gin that disrupted an entire category.

Born to a career diplomat, Anshuman’s global upbringing imbued him with a rich palette of tastes and a fondness for the nuanced flavours of gin. Transitioning from a successful career in finance to the spirits industry, his ability to see beyond convention led him to embark on a Bold Beginning with a pioneering gin that pushes the boundaries of traditional flavour norms.

Inspired by his travels, Anshuman sourced an exotic blend of twelve botanicals from eight different countries to create BULLDOG Gin, a spirit that’s irresistibly smooth and superbly balanced. It marked a new attitude and approach to the traditionally conservative world of super-premium gin, setting a new benchmark for innovation in the industry. Since then, BULLDOG Gin has become one of the top ten gins in the world by distribution and its iconic black bottle is available in 150 countries across the world.

Continuing its tradition of fostering boldness, BULLDOG Gin has teamed up with Mpumelelo Mfula AKA Frypan and The Sobering Podcast, a platform focused on South African street culture and music. The podcast’s new series, CCTV, delves into the lives of local creatives and the upcoming episode discusses the previous Bold Ones campaign and the new campaign launching soon. With this podcast, BULLDOG Gin invites everyone to begin their own bold journey. To view the complete episode, click HERE.

Bold Ones is dedicated to the rebels, the rule-breakers, and the visionaries who push boundaries—and BULLDOG is looking forward to celebrating more individuals who embody this spirit. This is the time to highlight the power of innovation, the impact of ideas, and the courage it takes to #BeginBOLD.

Cheers to the dreamers, the thinkers, and the bold spirits. With BULLDOG Gin, it’s time to make your mark and redefine your world. Are you ready to #BeginBOLD?

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