BaneleTheDJ’s “Flavour” Claims Top Spot on

Multiple African Music Charts

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26 September 2023 – We are thrilled to announce that “Flavour,” the chart-topping hit by BaneleTheDJ, has secured the number one position on some of Africa’s most prestigious music charts. The song has achieved this remarkable feat on the Amapiano in Africa, East African Hits, and Music Africa charts for the month of September 2023. “Flavour” was released on June 16, 2023, and has been steadily climbing the ranks, establishing itself as a standout track on the African music scene.

Produced by the talented BaneleTheDJ, “Flavour” is a meticulously crafted composition that transcends musical boundaries. This song seamlessly incorporates elements of South Africa’s most popular genre, Amapiano, while also infusing hints of house and soulful house music. It was conceived as a studio production with a specific purpose—to bring joy to the streets, to fuel groovy backyard gatherings, and to serve as the perfect soundtrack for last-minute club outings. “Flavour” is a song without boundaries, designed to resonate with both introverts and extroverts who share a deep love for music in its purest form.

While “Flavour” has been enjoying immense success in South Africa, we are determined to see it reach even greater heights in terms of music streams and public recognition across the continent.

The inspiration behind “Flavour” lies in the ever-evolving South African lifestyle, bringing together elements of the “amma 2k” and the youth “endala” generation in a harmonious blend. To receive recognition from other African countries is not only a thrilling achievement but also a confirmation that BaneleTheDJ, as a DJ and producer, and his company are heading in the right direction.

According to the Amapiano In Africa charts, “Flavour” currently occupies the number one spot, making it the most listened-to song, following closely after “SLS” by Uncle Waffles. Additionally, the song has been gaining traction on YouTube, garnering over 26,000 views.

This achievement is a testament to the dedicated efforts of our team in promoting and delivering top-quality music to a broad audience. We hope that the music-loving community will warmly embrace the unique sound and cultural fusion emerging from this genre.

BaneleTheDJ’s strong social media presence, with 29,000 Instagram followers and 136,000 on Facebook, is a testament to his commitment to connecting with fans and consistently delivering exceptional music that resonates with his audience.

In addition to “Flavour,” BaneleTheDJ has also released a series of Mix Tapes titled “Just Music,” available on YouTube and various social media platforms, where his other songs have also been receiving praise and recognition.

As we look ahead, we encourage music enthusiasts to watch out for more exciting releases, as well as outdoor and indoor performances scheduled for this new season.

For detailed gig guides and performance dates, please visit BaneleTheDJ’s social media pages @Banele_The_DJ and join us on this incredible musical journey.

Stay tuned for more beats, rhythms, and unforgettable melodies from BaneleTheDJ.

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