Looking for a sleek, high-performance laptop, known for its great quality and at a good price?

Look no further than the Asus VivoBook X512 – the everyday portable notebook, to fulfil both your work and leisure needs. What, you might ask, sets the VivoBook apart from other mid-range notebooks? Well there are many good qualities, but if I had to name only 10, these would be them:

Top 10 features:

  1. Available in just about any colour you can imagine to cater for a wide array of personalities.
  2. Immersive 15.6-inch screen displaying bright, impressively vivid colours.
  3. Reassurance with ease – built using high quality sturdy materials while remaining aesthetically lightweight and compact for the user to effortlessly carry around, weighing in at only 1.6kg.
  4. Aero hinge design, raises the laptop’s main body on rubber feet placed at the bottom of the screen, creating a pleasurable slightly down-sloped typing position and improved airflow underneath.
  5. Practical hinges offering the right balance of sleekness and rigor, while allowing one-hand operation and keeping the screen structure in place.
  6. Performance boasting a powerful i7 processor, so on top of the notebook’s everyday use it can be successfully deployed for gaming, as well as demanding photo and video-editing.
  7. Runs cool and quiet with each use, and as a bonus the fans don’t make a noise while gaming.
  8. Your fingers will love its fast typing keyboard with good clickPad and as a side benefit its ScreenPad makes for seamless selection.
  9. Experience great connectivity for effortless live streaming, video conferencing and more.
  10. Battery life is average, but it’s still not bad for a notebook with such a large display and powerful processor.

What’s not to love about the Asus VivoBook X512! You must experience it, to fully realise its appeal. It’s the laptop you’ll want to wake up to, spend the day with and unwind beside after dark. Overall, I’d say it’s a clever notebook at a reasonable price that delivers multiple benefits, and it sure will make your life work and play in balance.

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