Since its inception in 2018, the Nedbank International Polo has become the crown jewel of South Africa’s equestrian calendar, drawing an elite crowd who prefer the finer things in life. Naturally, the event is a perfect match for Aperol Spritz, an iconic cocktail synonymous with casual sophistication.


This year, Aperol Spritz proudly announced its role as the Nedbank International Polo’s official brand sponsor, bringing the laidback luxury of the Italian lifestyle to an event that epitomises elegance. Held at the Inanda Club on 11 May 2024, this year’s event went beyond traditional sporting occasions and transformed into an unmissable lifestyle experience.

The Aperol Spritz Polo Garden was located in the heart of the action on the lush East Bank lawns, and became a focal point for South Africa’s jet set to gather and enjoy the game in a stylish setting. Highlights from the Aperol Spritz Polo Garden included:

Aperol Café: Guests could immerse themselves in the chic ambiance of the Aperol Café, enjoying cosy seating, gourmet food, complimentary Aperol Spritz cocktails, and a closing performance from DJ PH.

The Aperol Picnic: For those looking for a more relaxed vibe, the Aperol Picnic area invited guests to create their own field-side feasts. Upon arrival, each attendee was welcomed with a complimentary Aperol Spritz. This area was also family-friendly, with free access for children under 12.

Aperol Spritz is all about creating unforgettable moments of joy and connection, and the Nedbank International Polo was the perfect occasion to bring this spirit to life. There’s simply nothing in the world that complements the thrill of polo and the pleasure of great company like a perfectly poured Aperol Spritz.