The international success of Aeronautica Militare denotes not only the quality of the clothes but also the appreciation of the ideal values for which the brand is based...

In 2004, Christian Sperotto obtained, from the Italian Air Force, special convention: the ability to produce garments with the Aeronautica Militare coat of arms and its Frecce Tricolore symbols. The jackets made today are of the same essence that aviation pilots have worn for millennia.


As fashion has evolved, enthusiasts of the Aeronautica Militare brand have found ways to incorporate the practical nature of the clothing into every day life. During the colder months, one can make full use of the lined and padded outerwear. Aeronautica Militare has always specialized in winter garmentry, echoing the conditions endured by the soldiers of the air.



In warmer weather, the brand embraces bright colours and lighter fabrics. Men and women both are treated to bold yet simple designs, maintaining the durable and extendable nature of the clothing while embracing a certain sense of freedom in the more experimental patterns.


Without a doubt, Aeronautica Militare is a clothing brand made for those that appreciate a strong creation that stays true to its origin and true to its heritage. And with heritage comes celebration. On the 23rd of May 2019, Aeronautica Militare will be hosting a V.I.P Night. Live DJ, drinks, a surprise giveaway, and much, much more.


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