Rebecca Kambule shares her enviable experience at the Amani Spa Houghton Hotel...

I visited Amani, a flagship Spa and Wellness facility at the prestigious Urban Resort – THE HOUGHTON HOTEL in Johannesburg. It was one of the most rejuvenating Mondays in my work calendar to date.

The selfcare morning was spent in the luxurious, tranquil settings that guarantees the best experience in modern wellness, armed with expert staff, who are warm and enthusiastic to share their knowledge of treatments. The state-of-the-art facility has a calming and luxurious feel, with a flow of space via the tasteful use of hand-picked deco pieces, earthy tones, hints of colour and much emphasis on tranquillity to ensure the ultimate elegant indulgence in the world of wellness! My treatment kick-started with a refreshing glass of crystal infused water, a combination charged with healing properties of the stone, thus promoting healing.

Amani promotes holistic health, offering a diverse range of result-driven spa and wellness treatments and world class products with wellness benefits

I opted for the signature 90-minute treatment called “Essence of Africa; a luxurious facial journey in the world of powerfully active probiotic and botanical actives, to recapture youth”. My therapist used Esse, a luxurious locally produced brand. Esse is amazing, it is decadent, results in the most velvety, delicate facial experience! All steps from cleansing to exfoliating, mask was enjoyable. But the exfoliator! It felt so gentle, as though someone was applying smooth whipped cream onto my skin.

The scent of the product! It will spark your sense of smell due to a combination of ingredients used.
I smelt the prominent liquorish or aniseed spice, which I love – I was tempted to lick each time Dorcas applied and massaged a layer of the product onto my skin…. I did lick at some point… I loved the taste! Dorcas tells me that Esse products are made from probiotics, a live single bacterium that is good for you – largely used for gut health, also relevant for skincare. The ingredients slow down the rate of inflammation. Not only was my skin revived with a glow, I experienced a reawakening in my nostrils all in one.

Amani Spa features a modern wellness centre offering innovative treatments and therapies suitable for your rejuvenation and relaxation needs. The expert staff is warm and friendly, always at hand to tell you more about the facilities and how best to enjoy the amenities. Afterwards Dorcas gave me a relaxing, shoulder and hand massage – she has got pampering fingers! I lounged around the multi-spaces with my feet-up – heavenly!


The gardens outside offer a serene and tranquil setting with luxuriate spots dotted strategically for your ultimate relaxation after treatments. Listen to the sound of nature induced calm with a sip of some refreshing teas!

My cares of the concrete jungle cleansed away – off I was, set for the office full steam!

Did you know: Amani Spa is 100% owned and operated by women and dedicated to female empowerment, today, Amani Spas is the leading hospitality African Spa brand and creator of exceptional spa and wellness experiences in sought- after destinations across the continent.

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