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Breakup songs are all around us. Chloé-Jade Christian’s breakup song, however, is a little different. The song, titled ‘Won’t Turn Back’, speaks about the end of a friendship. Think Taylor Swift’s ‘Bad Blood’.

Losing a friend can hurt as much as the loss of a romantic partner. This grief is what drove the young songstress to pen her debut single and it’s giving us all the feels right now.

It is commonly said that people come into your life for a season, a reason or a lifetime. Each serve their own purpose. When people come into your life for a season, it means they are only there for a short period of time and their presence will usually help you grow in strength and character. It’s important not to try make someone fit where they are not intended.

This hard truth was something 16-year-old Chloé-Jade Christian learnt early on in life and so the songwriter poured her heart out into a song. It was a cathartic process, but the song itself is not gloomy and measurably. Although the lyrics are deep and sincere, and comprise some important life lessons, the song is also cheerful and upbeat. Recorded and mixed at River Road Records with producer and renowned songwriter Gino Lee. The two had a vision and together they brought to life ‘Won’t Turn Back’.

It is important to realise that not all friendships end because one or both parties did something wrong. Sometimes it is just time to move on. As life changes, so will your circle.

“I want to share all my experiences with others,” says the singer, “especially those who don’t realize it yet, but they’re not alone.”

Looking back at some of the challenges she has faced in her own life, Chloé-Jade sighs, “There have been multiple times that people have tried to break me down and it’s part of life. I overcame the situation by staying true to myself, my morals, and my values because when you stay authentic and truthful, then nobody will be able to stop you from moving forward and closer to your goals.”

When asked how the song makes her feel upon listening back, she says, “It makes me sad, upset but happy at the same time. All my memories of the people I wrote it about come to mind but I’m content at the end because I’m better now – I’m happy and comfortable with who I am as a person. Anyone (which is mostly everyone) who has had a friendship end without closure will be able to relate.”

“It’s time to turn the page. Everything happens for a reason.”

Chloé-Jade also acknowledges that her faith played a major role in the process of writing and creating this song, stating, “My faith allowed me to find the right words to put my feelings into the song, so that listeners can connect with it in a spiritual or non-spiritual way. Although my faith steered the ship, ‘Won’t Turn Back” is for everyone.”

Making a difference is important to the young starlet. More than a singer songwriter, Chloé-Jade Christian is also a model, actress, violinist, horse rider and the current title holder of Miss Teen Earth International. Let’s not forget her good looks.

With a bevy of talents, the triple-threat performer is on a quest to change the world. When she is not writing or recording music, she is educating youngsters to be environmentally mindful and adopt eco-friendly practices.

With a string of accolades to her name, Chloé-Jade will spend the better half of the year growing and establishing her music career, while she continues to serve her community through sustainability projects, and finding balance with her school work.

This is just the start of a fruitful career for this trailblazer, as she looks forward to writing more songs and touching the hearts (and hopefully changing the lives) of those around her.