Expert advice from Dr. Alastair Clark, owner of Sandton Aesthetics Institute.

Before I give you tips for flawless skin, it is important that you have faith in my ability and knowledge within the aesthetic industry. Please also note that the treatments I mention here are not an exhaustive list of treatment options.

I am the owner of Sandton Aesthetic Institute. I worked as a family physician for 25-years before opening SAI in 2007. Since then I have added to my experience by including GPSI Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine go my area of special interest.

I hold the title of honorary lecturer at WITS Medical School, but more importantly, in the current context, I am listed as Key Opinion Leader for Silhouette Soft Thread Lifts, International Key Opinion Leader (KOL) and Trainer for  Teoxane Dermal Fillers. I am also a national trainer providing aesthetic beginner and advanced technique training to doctors around South Africa. I have worked as KOL for nine international aesthetic brands in total.

Now that I have given you my credentials, let me give you some of my tips to flawless skin.

Key skin considerations

It is important for all those concerned with skin ageing to understand that a healthy skin cell creates a platform for visible anti-ageing results. I always recommend that we treat skin ageing as an illness first before correcting the obvious skin flaw. By doing so we improve skin function, plump the skin, give life and hydration back to the skin and very often solve numerous skin ageing issues in the process. With this in mind, I recommend combining a high-quality cosmeceutical grade homecare regime with a daily sunblock.

The modern cosmeceutical grade homecare product allows for multiple active ingredients to work on the skin’s cellular structures. In most cases, a gentle cleanser suited for your skin type, an exfoliator and a moisturiser will cover the skin’s basic cellular needs. Then, based on your lifestyle and skin type, you may need an additional product or two to combat oxidative damage or improve skin hydration. By protecting your skin from dehydration, oxidative damage and sun damage you start to create a platform of flawless skin.


1. Kena Mukala: Kena specialises in Body Aesthetic with a National Diploma in Somatology.

2. Dr Alastair Clark: Dr Alastair Clark International Key Opinion Leader & Global Trainer with over 30 years experience in the medical field.

3. Samantha Boucher: Samantha specialises in Facial Aesthetics with a Diploma in Health & Skin Care Therapy.

Treatments that benefit everyone
The advancement of aesthetic medicine has allowed us to target skin health on a cellular level. Every person that walks into the offices at SAI would benefit from:

  1. Chemical Peels 

    Chemical peels are essential in the fight against visible skin age as they hasten exfoliation and also even skin complexion and skin tone. Regular superficial treatments are ideal as they do not cause any social downtime, but in severe cases of pigmentation or if skin ageing has been left untreated, we may opt for more aggressive treatments. Nevertheless, everyone would benefit from on-going chemical peel treatments.

  2. Micro Droplet Dermal Filler Skin Rejuvenation 

    A massive contributing factor to skin ageing that can be easily corrected is skin dehydration due to the lack of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) in the skin. We lose HA naturally as we age, but lifestyle choices and sun damage hasten this further. By injecting micro-droplets of HA into the deep dermis, we reestablish HA levels in the skin which leads to improved cell functioning plus improved plumpness and elasticity within the skin – this often solves fine wrinkle issues and flaky skin and also provides an incredibly natural result. We recommend that our SAI patients undergo this treatment once a year for ongoing results.

  3. IV Skin Brightening 

    By individualising vitamin cocktails we can provide the skin with all the cellular nutrients it needs to optimise functionality. A hydrated and charged skin cell is your best ally in the fight against visible age. The joy of IV Skin Brightening is that you can read a book and relax while undergoing the treatment and the results are a deeply hydrated skin and glowing complexion with an even skin tone.

Targeted treatments
With a fully functioning, healthy skin we can then target areas of visible age that still concern you. This is where specific treatments with specific actions all called for.

Wrinkles can easily be corrected using either botulinum toxin or HA dermal fillers. When used correctly the results are incredibly natural and, depending on the treatment area, can last beyond the expected deadline. Don’t be shy to use these in combination as it allows for a more natural result softened by minor tweaks.

Skin sagging and deep wrinkles
Thread lifts, dermal fillers and botulinum toxin can be used together to create non-invasive facelift-like results. By increasing volume in the mid-face using HA dermal fillers and thread lifts to reposition facial ligaments, we can reshape the face into a more youthful appearance without the cost or significant downtime associated with facelift surgery.


Sun spots or broken veins
These are easily treated by undergoing targeted laser treatments or using chemical peels. The decision on which to use is based on skin type and the treatment area, but with multiple treatment options you will get a quick result, more so if you are following a strict homecare regime.


Body treatments
Aesthetic medicine no longer only applies to the face. At SAI we have multiple body treatment options to target fat loss, cellulite and body shaping. The drive for non-surgical body shaping results is driving the aesthetic industry and results continually improve.  VelaShape III is an ideal body shaping platform that helps us mould your body by lifting and eradicating fat without the need for surgery. These procedures are incredibly popular and are often used in combination with more easy-going treatments like IV skin brightening and superficial chemical peel treatments.


Do’s and don’ts
I believe in treating skin ageing holistically. Try not to treat the problem, but first the cause of the problem – most often that wrinkle, uneven skin tone or skin redness will disappear when your skin matrix is working correctly. If budget is an issue, and for many it is, then opt for a slow and regular treatment plan over an aggressive single treatment approach. The knock-on benefits will keep you happy for longer.


Make sure you use the best homecare products you can afford and always work with the most qualified doctor or therapist – they will be more likely up to date with modern trends and combination procedures, and understand how to individualise treatments by skin type and skin tone.


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