Are you searching for the perfect spot to unwind or your next vacation destination? Search no further. Tau Game Lodge is the perfect holiday spot to relax. It is at the Madikwe nature reserve.

It is a four-hour drive from Johannesburg. Is it worth driving four hours? Absolutely. The route is breathtakingly beautiful and makes it worth it.

Tau Game Lodge offers various package deals throughout the year. However, all packages include two game drives per day and all your meals. This makes their package deals worth it.

Typical day

What would a typical day at Tau Game Lodge be like? At 05:00 there is coffee and muffins in the general public area. The first game drive is at about 05:30 and lasts three hours. Another bonus is that on the morning drive, you will get a coffee drink stop. If you are lucky, you will get one of Arthur’s special drinks, especially if it is chilly. What makes Arthur’s special drink so amazing? There is nothing better than drinking hot chocolate with a shot of Amarula on a cold morning at the drink stop in the bush. Breakfast is served from 08:00 in a buffet style on the deck overlooking the watering hole where animals come to drink water. Thereafter, one can relax. You can walk around, sit on the deck, or even enjoy a drink by the infinity pool while you watch the animals. Another option to unwind is to book a relaxing treatment at the spa. Lunch is at about 13:00 on the deck. At 16:00 it is tea time. One can enjoy snacks before the next game drive. The afternoon game drive is at 16:30 and continues for three hours. Watching the sunset at the drink stop while you enjoy a beverage of your choice while snacking on amazing treats is amazing. Dinner is served at about 20:00 to end the day.


Don’t even get me started on the food. It is amazing. You will never go hungry at the Tau Game Lodge. You can choose your own portions and what you want to eat. At each mealtime, there are numerous food options to choose from or you can even eat a bit of everything. The food and dessert are really delicious. The snacks on the game drives are also very tasty, especially the biltong.


Accommodation and what it looks like is always on our mind when choosing a holiday destination. Tau Game Lodge’s rooms look out on the watering hole where the wild animals go to drink water. One can lie on the bed and watch the animals. Each chalet also has its own balcony by the watering hole where you can sit and relax. Each chalet has two showers outside. Yes, outside. One can shower outside in nature while watching the animals drink water and go about their daily lives. It is such a unique and fantastic feature.


When one travels or decides on a vacation spot, one wants good service. Tau Game Lodge is the definition of excellent service and hospitality. Poppy, the assistant manager, greets all the guests on their arrival and helps them get settled in their rooms. She often checks in with guests to see whether everything is to their liking and goes out of her way to make sure that guests have the best stay. When guests come back from a game drive, they are greeted by staff and handed a warm cloth to clean their hands. After the afternoon game drive, guests are welcomed with a shot of Amarula. Staff also ask guests about their game drives. The service is superb.


There is always one main question on everyone’s mind. Is it value for money? Absolutely. It is worth every cent. Tau Game Lodge is beautiful. One can fully unwind and relax next to the watering hole observing the stunning animals. The food is absolutely delicious and everyone will enjoy it. The game drives are relaxing. It is also beautiful to see the animals going about their daily lives. Each ranger is passionate about their job and provides informative game drives. The overall service at Tau Game Lodge is superb.

Tau Game Lodge is the perfect holiday destination to unwind and enjoy nature.

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