Prequel to the Classic Horror Franchise Opens Exclusively in Cinemas on  5 April, 2024

“The First Omen” is a psychological horror movie produced by 20th Century Studios, serving as a prequel to a well-known horror film franchise. It is set in 1971 and follows Margaret, a young American woman dispatched to Rome to serve the church. There, she encounters a sinister presence that challenges her faith and uncovers a dark conspiracy aiming to bring about the birth of ultimate evil. The cast includes Nell Tiger Free, Tawfeek Barhom, Sonia Braga, Ralph Ineson, Charles Dance, and Bill Nighy.

The film is helmed by director Arkasha Stevenson, based on characters created by David Seltzer. The story is crafted by Ben Jacoby, with a screenplay by Tim Smith & Arkasha Stevenson and Keith Thomas. David S. Goyer and Keith Levine serve as producers, while Tim Smith, Whitney Brown, and Gracie Wheelan are the executive producers.

Johannesburg Date: Tuesday, 26th March 2024 Location: Hyde Park, Cine 3 Time: 17:00 RSVP for Johannesburg attendance.

Cape Town Date: Wednesday, 27th March 2024 Location: V&A Sterkinekor, Cine 9 Time: 17:00 RSVP for Cape Town attendance.

Social embargo lifts on 26th March 2024 at 18:00, while the review embargo lifts on 4th April 2024 at 18:00.