Joburg Style was treated to a full pamper session at Rockets Man...and loved it!

Situated in Sandton City, Rockets Man is a bespoke and luxurious space for men to unwind or celebrate life in style. What struck me immediately is that Rockets Man is no ordinary barber shop. It is a melting pot of bespoke male grooming services, designed with the modern man in mind. They have an exceptional offering – I was seriously spoilt for choice as they have access to a combination of rock-star barbers, tailors and technicians, all in an exclusive environment.

After a really warm welcome, I was taken for a haircut. The barber was professional and  friendly, he took his time to give me a great service, while I got to enjoy a drink and relax. I felt that time stood still, which is quite a refreshing experience when living in the fast paced city of Joburg.

Keep your friends close and your barber even closer…

Next up was the hand and foot treatment (with massage). This was a first for me, and after being a little apprehensive, I must admit I really enjoyed the pamper. The ladies took their time to explain each process to me, educating me as to the importance of a manicure and pedicure. I suppose I must acknowledge that I am a little conservative when it comes to men’s grooming, it is not something that I have been exposed to on this luxurious level. I have always wondered with amazement (and criticism) that women spend so much time and money on spa treatments –  well the good news is that I have been converted – this was certainly an experience that I will be repeating as often as possible (and my girlfriend strongly approves).

Whether it be to meet others or to relax in a comfortable atmosphere, Rockets Man offers likeminded individuals the opportunity to come together and network, relax, or enjoy a whiskey and buy a cigar while being treated with extraordinary after a busy day. A shop designed to follow your lead, Rockets Man can be a luxurious retreat or sophisticated hangout with the boys. Its up to you.

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