In July 2019, Gareth Cliff introduced what is said to be one of the most "exciting" radio offerings to date. Introducing #PureConversations - proudly brought to you by Windhoek and CliffCentral; hosted by the multi-talented Gareth Cliff who has successfully interviewed the best of the best when it comes to well-known celebrity personalities, sporting heroes and corporate Kings...

Joburg Style (JS): #PureConversations is a podcast giving icons and legends across industries the platform for 100% unfiltered, unscripted, and unedited conversations – what do you hope to achieve from this?

Gareth Cliff (GC): The #PureConversations was born out of the need to have a platform for real conversations about the state of various industries. The most immediate one was the need to dissect the broadcasting industry, after DJ Fresh was fired from Metro FM and comedian Trevor Gumbi tweeted and inspired the line-up of our first roundtable with the legendary gentlemen in broadcasting.

We hope to make positive change through honest discussions!

JS: Episode 001 featured Dj Fresh, Tbo Touch, Dj Sbu, Robert Marawa revealing the untold stories of broadcasting in South Africa – how do you screen and select your guests?

GC: We look at guests who have compelling experiences and lessons to share on the platform! We want people to openly tell their stories.

JS: Let’s get into Episode 2! Boundary-breaking insights featuring Bonang Matheba, Kuli Roberts, Masechaba Ndlovu, and Unathi Nkayi. What made these ladies the perfect guests on the show and what element of entertainment did they bring to the show?

GC: Following our gentlemen roundtable of broadcasters, we looked at hosting the top female broadcasters too. We purposely chose women who represented their own unique success, who had been through trial and tribulations, which meant they had enriching stories to tell, but more importantly, who rose from those to continue raising the standard of excellence within media.

JS: #PureConversations highlights important topics that some people in the industry may be afraid to speak of. Why is it important to offer a platform for these individuals to be honest and open?

GC: This is important because the time is now to have these conversations. We need a place where you can share opinions and lessons, not just social media wars or a bite-sized snippets on traditional broadcasting – and #PureConversations is it.

“The #PureConversations was born out of the need to have a platform for real conversations”

Gareth Cliff

JS: Your episodes, although only having released two to date, can become quite passionate and “intense” – how do you manage so many different personalities all in one room?

GC: The passion and intensity are exactly what makes #PureConversations unique! Our approach is to keep the conversation authentic, so we encourage the guests to openly speak their minds without any limitations.

JS: You take pride in showcasing South African talent. What can the public do to support local talent and make a difference in the entertainment industry?

GC: Show up for the talent you support – for them to continue what you’d like them to do, they do need your support. Voice your opinions, like those pictures, buy the singles, and attend their events. Show up!

The #PureConversations special will be broadcast once a month on and the CliffCentral app. One can also watch the live stream on YouTube.


In 2014, Gareth launched, an online content hub that specialises in podcasting and online radio. The content is uncensored and free from the regulations of the Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA). His former 5FM breakfast team, Leigh-Ann Mol, Damon Kalvari and Mabale Moloi joined him in the new venture, and initially featured as part of his team on The Gareth Cliff Show.


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