Michelle Hurwitz – Nicci Customer Care, Kylie Granat – PR Nicci , Pheladi Mogowane – Nicci

Nicci Boutiques, a leading local  fashion retailer, has proven itself to be a brand that truly cares about its staff members. One of the ways in which they demonstrate this is through their partnership with PinkDrive, a non-profit organization that focuses on breast cancer awareness and support.


Picture: Michelle Hurwitz – Nicci Customer Care, Kylie Granat – PR Nicci , Pheladi Mogowane – Nicci


Last year, Nicci Boutiques launched a Breast Awareness campaign where they donated 10% of proceeds from all pink items to PinkDrive. This campaign was a huge success, raising over R50,000 for the organization. Impressed by Nicci’s commitment to the cause, PinkDrive decided to offer complimentary breast examinations to Nicci’s staff as part of their employee wellness initiative.


Picture: Michelle Hurwitz and PinkDrive Nurse


This partnership between Nicci Boutiques and PinkDrive goes beyond just raising funds. It is a collaboration that aims to promote and encourage female health. By offering free breast examinations to its staff, Nicci is prioritizing the wellbeing of its team members.

Nicci Boutiques is more than just a fashion-forward boutique. It is a brand that resonates with strong, empowered women. The company believes in uplifting and empowering women wherever possible. Through initiatives like PinkDrive’s breast examinations, Nicci ensures that the women in their team are empowered, informed, and protected.


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Employee wellness is a key focus for Nicci Boutiques. The company plans to continue implementing various initiatives to create a sense of community and enable all team members to feel healthy, strong, and confident. They understand that a company that encourages healthy habits creates a positive work environment that fosters creativity and positivity, ultimately increasing productivity.

Joburgstyle would like to congratulate Nicci by setting such a fabulous example for all of us to follow and hopes that by sharing this heartwarming story we will be hearing more  from of our readers how they are implementing life changing initiatives in their work environments.

Life – centric approaches work. Nicci Boutiques is a true example in that they are testament  that by taking care of their employees, they can create a positive and supportive work environment that benefits everyone involved.

This human-focused approach sets Nicci Boutiques apart as a brand that values people over profit. Now this is #Joburgstyle!