Lisa Raleigh, a highly acclaimed health and wellness expert based in Johannesburg, will be hosting a webinar on the correlation between rebounding exercise and its cancer risk reduction at 7pm on 26 May 2022...

This webinar is one of many hosted by Lisa and her panel of experts over the past 18 months, and on the back of her brand, bounti, receiving the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA) seal of approval.

The webinar is free of charge and can be accessed via  Lisa’s Facebook Profile . The webinar will feature panel guests that include radio personality and cancer warrior, Mark Pilgrim, experts from CANSA, a representative from Discovery Vitality, and a medical expert. The webinar will address cancer prevention via movement and rebounding, and inspire the audience with powerful take-home messages on cancer risk reduction.


What is the CANSA Seal? 

The CANSA Seal was introduced to encourage South Africans to read product labels and to assist them in making informed choices – the aim being to promote smart, balanced lifestyles and to encourage people to make a proactive effort in reducing their cancer risk.

Rebounding is the ONLY fitness modality presently endorsed by CANSA, though other modalities are being considered for the future in this category. bounti now has the official CANSA seal of approval on their world-class portfolio of workouts, rebounding programmes, instructors’ courses, rebounders and equipment.

This endorsement came about because of the significant research done on the benefits of rebounding, the value proposition of low-impact exercise, and the lymphatic system value sets. In short, rebounding aids lymphatic circulation. The lymphatic and cardiovascular systems work together to keep blood and lymphatic fluid levels balanced and flush out toxins. Your lymphatic system also moves your immune cells throughout your body to create a defence against infections. Lowering the risk of cancer is one of the great benefits of a robust and healthy lymphatic system, resulting in the recommendation of rebounding as a preventative measure against cancer, and worthwhile addition to a daily routine for those fighting it, through to those in remission.

CANSA on their endorsement of bounti:

“CANSA is very excited to partner with bounti and promote the importance of regular physical activity as part of the prevention of cancer. bounti’s programmes and classes using rebounding equipment, are presented by exercise instructors who are accredited by a recognised body ensuring up-to-date skills and knowledge in the field of fitness, says Megan Pentz-Kluyts, CANSA’s nutrition and dietetics consultant. 

More on Lisa Raleigh and bounti: 

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