If you are hangry or even just hungry, humble your grumble with a delicious ‘build your own pizza’ from The Dark Kitchen...

The concept of dark kitchens is taking the restaurant world by storm overseas.  Still in its infancy in South Africa, veteran restaurateur Larry Hodes, owner of Calexico at 44 Stanley, Arbour Café and Voodoo Lily will be opening The Dark Kitchen in Johannesburg.

The concept is known around the world as a virtual kitchen, cloud kitchen, and delivery-only restaurant.  Jozi’s The Dark Kitchen is set to provide at-home diners with an innovative new offering.

The quirky ghost restaurant, hidden somewhere in the northern suburbs, will only be accessible online or by phone – so don’t expect to be seated and served!

The process starts with a simple craving for really good pizza. Choose your preferred base – normal, gluten-free or cauliflower and vegan cheese for banters and vegans – and your favourite toppings. Your gourmet pizza will be crafted in the mystery location and finally, nine mouth-watering slices of pizza will be delivered to your door. Yes, nine slices of pizza! The ninth slice presents in its very own single-slice pizza box – perfect for a snack at your desk, to satisfy a morning-after craving, or on the road between meetings.

In keeping with the mystery theme – pizza is just the first concept on the menu at The Dark Kitchen, with two more launches coming to light soon under The Dark Kitchen brand.

Hodes explains why the ingenious concept has been so successful globally, “The value of a dark kitchen model is in the elimination of customer seating and waiting areas – which are often underused or even simply vacant. It cuts rental, decor costs, and the need for serving staff. This reduces overheads, while at the same time catering to the increased consumer need for gourmet home delivery options.

“The model also allows the flexibility to change menus quickly and easily. Many traditional restaurants pop up in response to changing tastes and trends, leaving them vulnerable when new food fads roll into town. The concept of cloud kitchens is rising as the food delivery market continues to expand. We’re at the dawn of a new restaurant era – an era where a ‘dark kitchen’ will become a common term.”

Pizzas can be ordered via Uber Eats, Mr D or by calling The Dark Kitchen from Monday to Sunday until 21h00. Deliveries, within a 7 km radius of Wanderers, also include a limited bar menu, including beers,  wine and champagne.

Hodes adds, “It’s safe to say that this fresh, creative and out-of-the-box concept will not disappoint – watch this dark space!”

Find The Dark Kitchen at thedarkkitchen.co.za or call 010 900 3703

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Why the 9th slice? Pizzas have eight slices for you and your friends to enjoy, but sometimes you have that one uninvited guest or that one friend who loves pizza a little more than you do.

The 9th slice is perfect for the snack box for work in the morning, the walk of shame snack, the slice for the uninvited uncle no one speaks about. You deserve that 9th slice to guarantee you humble your grumble. No one wants to be left hangry.


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