Mattel, Inc. announced today its launch of celebrations for Barbie’s 65th anniversary, recognizing over six decades of inspiring girls through storytelling and fostering confidence, bravery, and daring.

Since its inception, Barbie has encouraged girls to explore their limitless potential through various roles and narratives, from imaginative play to portraying over 250 careers. As Barbie reaches this milestone on March 9, the brand is sharing empowering stories that showcase her enduring legacy through the voices of fans worldwide.

Krista Berger, Senior Vice President of Barbie and Global Head of Dolls, noted, “Barbie’s impact extends far beyond herself; she has inspired countless children and shaped millions of stories over the past 65 years. Barbie has empowered girls to dream big and shape their own futures. As we celebrate this milestone, we recognize the countless narratives Barbie has helped create and her ongoing role in inspiring dreams.”

To commemorate Barbie’s 65th anniversary, the brand is:

  • Recognizing Global Storytellers: Honoring influential women worldwide by creating unique role model dolls in their likeness for International Women’s Day. The lineup includes Viola Davis, Shania Twain, Dame Helen Mirren, Kylie Minogue, Maira Gomez, Lila Avilés, Nicole Fujita, and Enissa Amani.
  • Expanding Commitment to Girls’ Empowerment: Continuing the partnership with Inspiring Girls International, supporting the Barbie Dream Gap Project. This includes a year-long empowerment program for girls aged 12-14 across seven countries and over $2 million in donations to non-profit organizations supporting girls’ growth.
  • Introducing an Anniversary Collection: Featuring popular career dolls from Barbie’s history, a collectible doll inspired by the original 1959 Barbie, 2024 Fashionistas dolls, Barbie Cuutopia Plush figures, UNO Canvas™ Barbie, and Hot Wheels® Barbie 65th Anniversary Corvette C8.R.

Barbie’s 65th anniversary follows the milestone release of the Barbie movie in 2023, produced in partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures, which broke multiple box office records.

The brand will continue celebrations throughout the year following Barbie’s birthday on March 9th, including additional partnerships and activities.