He’s a professional rugby player with a big heart and bigger dreams! We chatted to him about what he loves about Joburg, his future plans, and what it takes to be a professional rugby player...

The 26-year old lives by the quote “whatever happens to me, happens for me”. This Joburg based sportsman is married to his best friend Suane, and the couple live with their two dogs Oliver and Rolo. Most of his time is spent on a rugby field, so when he’s not training or playing rugby, he’s enjoying Joburg and all it has to offer…

JS: What do you love most about Joburg?
DS: There’s something about Joburg that no other city offers, which is difficult to put into words. The hustle and bustle, the fast-paced lifestyle – it all goes hand in hand to create one of the greatest cities in the country.

JS: What makes Joburg “home”?
DS: The people. The vibe. My family. My friends and my sporting team.

JS: You call Joburg home – where do you like to spend most of your time?
DS: My rugby schedule is quite demanding so during the week I spend most of my time at the stadium training, working out, doing conditioning and preparing for games. It’s what I’m most committed to and it has truly shaped me into the player I am today. During my off time you’ll find me at my favourite coffee spot at Coriander Café (Green Valley Shopping Centre), with friends and family, or taking a much needed vacation.

JS: Where is your favourite Sunday go-to lunch spot or somewhere you like going to hang out?
DS: My wife and I are quite adventurous with our “restaurant-picking” so we often enjoy taking a drive out to new places in and around JHB.  My restaurant of choice would definitely be, Café Plus. I love their Chicken Mayo Tramazini’s.

JS: We hear you love outdoor activities, what activities do you enjoy and where do you like going?
DS: I enjoy outdoor activities like fishing, hiking and off road driving. I am lucky enough to have a JMCSA Vigus 5 vehicle which is perfect for this, which allows me to go on mini road trips and explore fun areas that may be just outside of Joburg. We recently went to Olifants River Lodge which was an amazing  experience!

JS: How would you define your style?
DS: Casual and comfortable. Being a professional sportsmen we don’t get many opportunities to “dress-up” as we’re always training, in the gym or in-between meetings.

JS: Best item of clothing you own?
DS: I own a few very nice watches than form part of my attire. I believe it gives that extra touch for a classy look.

JS: Most cherished item you’ve ever received?
DS: I received a family Bible when I turned 21. It is more than a 100 years old and something I will pass on to the generations to come.

JS: Who is your style icon and why?
DS: I do not really have one specific style icon but rather look at different outfits worn by celebrities at special events.

JS: Favourite clothing item you’ve recently bought?
DS: I recently bought a nice pair of Adidas sneakers that I added to my shoe collection.

JS: What is one characteristic that you have that you wish more people knew about?
DS: I have a great sense of humour and always have time to crack a joke.

JS: In your opinion, what does it take to be a professional rugby player?
DS: Just like any other career, it comes with its own line of demands and commitments, but being a rugby player is a lot more than just playing a game every other weekend. It’s continuously pushing your body to the limits, mentally understanding the game, personally overcoming challenges, physically being tested, competitively being pushed to be better than the next, and consistently growing and changing as a person. It’s a 24/7 commitment.

JS: What is one goal you have set for yourself this year that you hope to achieve?
DS: I have a very exciting business venture that I would love to pursue and hope to get investors on board to make it happen.

JS: If you weren’t a rugby player, what profession would you like to go into?
DS: I have a big passion for media/tv presenting. I believe that is where I will end up after rugby as well. 

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