We teamed up with By Word of Mouth to showcase the best of their three festive season menus: Cold Christmas Buffet, New Year’s Canapes and Tailor Made Plated

Hot smoked trout salad wreath with cucumber ribbons, thinly sliced radishes, baby herbs drizzled with a horseradish dressing

Tip Peel long strips of cucumber with a potato peeler. Put cucumber ribbons in ice water to make them curl. This gives structure to your salad and the leaves won’t look flat when serving

Spinach and artichokes stuffed salmon served on a potato and feta pancake topped with summer vegetables and drizzled with a lemon butter sauce garnished with micro herbs and chargrilled lemons

Tip Beetroot puree was used to enhance the look of this dish, however you can use any colourful vegetable you may have in your fridge that can be pureed. For example peas, carrots or butternut

Trio of prawn cakes with mint and coriander served with a cucumber peanut relish in a white spoon

Tip If you don’t have time to make a relish you can use sweet chilli sauce as the prawn cake dip

Lemon meringue pops
Tip Use a hand held blowtorch to add some colour to the meringue pops

Deconstructed strawberries and champagne with raspberry sorbet, chocolate soil and mini meringues

Tip For an easy chocolate soil crush chocolate biscuits or a chocolate brownie. This will stop your sorbet or ice cream from sliding off the plate

Stacked salad of beetroot, sliced green apple and marinated red onion sprinkled with caramelised pecan nuts and garnished with rocket. Finally, a drizzle of balsamic reduction

Tip Soak apple slices in lemon juice to stop them from browning on the plate

Individual spiral vegetable tarts with basil pesto

Tip Tarts can be made a week before serving and put in the freezer. Take out on the day and pop them in the oven. This will save you plenty time

Seared sesame tuna lollipops served on soba noodles with fresh herbs

Tip Pop tuna into the freezer for a few minutes before cutting, this will firm up the meat and make it easier to handle

Caramel chocolate log drizzled with white chocolate and dusted with icing sugar

Tip Add a sprinkle of edible glitter to your icing sugar before dusting to give your dish that extra sparkle

Photographer: Graeme Wyllie


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