Last year, Jacaranda FM shared the devastating news that renowned radio personality Bongani Nxumalo started to lose his eyesight. His vision had deteriorated to about 5%, due to cataracts and other complications and his condition deteriorated so much that he found himself unable to read scripts, drive, or work as a radio, voice, and performing artist anymore, leaving him destitute.

Sharing his heart-breaking story on Jacaranda FM’s Breakfast With Martin Bester during the station’s popular Good Morning Angels segment, Bongani explained that he was assisted through his church men’s group to get to a specialist, who believed that some vision could be restored through surgery – but this would cost thousands on rands, that Bongani simply didn’t have.

In a bid to help, Jacaranda FM’s Good Morning Angel Fund pledged to assist with R100 000 towards Bongani’s eye operations which will enable him to regain his eyesight and ability to work and provide for his family. However, showing just how generous Jacaranda FM listeners are, an additional R105 000 was donated after Bongani shared his story. This means an incredible R205 000 was raised in assistance.

Bongani had a procedure to his one eye late last year and the result has been amazing! The radio personality now has about 50% vision in his operated eye – a 45% improvement. Bongani can now read larger font text which means that he can read the bible and scripts for work again. He has also just returned to the specialist for a follow-up as he had some scarring that needed to heal.

However, the prospect for his other eye is not great . Bongani explains that the Dr will probably focus the treatment and future attention only to the eye that has been operated on. Bongani is very happy that he can see again, giving him a much better quality of life, the opportunity to provide for his family again and seeing his wife’s face for the first time in a while.

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