HUAWEI nova 12 Series with EMUI 14: Tailored for the Next Generation, Embracing Security, Customisation, and Ease

HUAWEI nova 12 Series & EMUI 14: Redefining Smartphones with Unmatched Customisation and Security

Unlock Your World: HUAWEI nova 12 Series Delivers Next-Gen Flexibility, Security, and Personal Touch

We are a generation of technology users who demand personalisation and security from all our devices, especially our smartphones, dive into the future of personalisation and security with HUAWEI’s latest operating system. With the new EMUI 14, HUAWEI has given its HUAWEI nova 12 Series an innovative injection, meticulously engineering them to meet and anticipate the desires of users who value the freedom to express their uniqueness through their devices.

With the introduction of EMUI 14, the HUAWEI nova 12i redefines what it means to have a smartphone that is as adaptable, secure, and effortlessly intuitive as the vibrant individuals it serves. This is more than just technology; it’s a platform for users to boldly showcase their personality, with security and ease of use at its core, ensuring every HUAWEI nova 12i is a mirror to the soul of its KeStar.

Crafted for the bold, the creative, and those who live their life in the spotlight, the HUAWEI nova 12i, adorned with “Super Slim, Super Selfie” aesthetics and EMUI 14, is more than a device; it’s a declaration of individuality.

EMUI 14: A Symphony of Efficiency and Personalisation

At the heart of the HUAWEI nova 12i’s appeal is EMUI 14, HUAWEI’s latest operating system, designed to provide a seamless, intelligent experience across all environments. EMUI 14 is the cornerstone of the HUAWEI nova 12i’s ability to offer a unified language of interconnectivity, ensuring every interaction is simple, smooth, and safe.

For the first time, HUAWEI nova 12i users will experience an innovative operating system that not only elevates the efficiency and intelligence of their device but also enhances its security and interoperability, enabling a lifestyle that is as dynamic as it is secure.

Transform Your Lock Screen into a Canvas of Personal Expression

With EMUI 14, your lock screen becomes a reflection of your unique personality and style. Now you can dive into a world of themed lock and home screens, with 3D Always on Display (AOD) bringing out the essence of your individuality. Personalise your device with four distinct lock screen themes, transforming it into a digital scrapbook that reflects your unique style:

  1. Headline: Elevate simplicity to elegance by setting a favourite photo as your lock screen theme, complemented by a choice of six stylish fonts.
  2. Poster: Turn a cherished photo into an album cover theme, adding a touch of personal flair to your most treasured memories.
  3. Emoji: Dive into a world of vibrant emojis to craft unique wallpapers for your home and lock screens, arranging them in creative designs that mimic playful, stuffed balls.
  4. 3D Weather AOD: Keep up with the latest weather updates directly on your screen, thanks to the Weather app’s dynamic 3D visual effects, ensuring you’re always prepared for what the day brings.

Live View and SuperHub 2.0: Redefining Multitasking and Sharing


EMUI 14 introduces the Live View feature, allowing you to manage application processes easily and more intuitively. This feature, combined with the innovative SuperHub 2.0, revolutionises how you interact with your device. Temporarily store texts, pictures, and files in a floating window, effortlessly drag and paste them into emails or share them across devices with a single click. This level of intuitive operation and smart experience showcases EMUI 14’s commitment to creating a more connected, efficient world.

Uncompromised Privacy and Security at Your Fingertips

Because digital privacy and security are paramount, EMUI 14 sets out to be the ultimate guardian of your personal data. With its advanced app tracking management system and optimised application access permissions, EMUI 14 puts control back in your hands. Decide whether applications can track your activities, manage permissions with ease, and enjoy a digital life that is not only enriched with features but also protected with the utmost care.

The KeStar’s Choice for an Unparalleled Smartphone Experience


The HUAWEI nova 12i, equipped with EMUI 14, is more than just a tech gadget for the tech-savvy; it’s a partner in your journey to stand out and shine as the KeStar you are meant to be. With its blend of revolutionary camera capabilities, enduring battery life, and expansive storage, all encapsulated within a sleek, stylish design, the HUAWEI nova 12i empowers you to capture, store, and live every moment to the fullest. Elevate your digital lifestyle with the HUAWEI nova 12i, where every feature is designed to highlight the superstar in you.

Available now on the HUAWEI online store for R6999 or from our operator partners around the country through flexible monthly plans you can step into the future with the HUAWEI nova 12i and let EMUI 14 unlock a world of possibilities.