Is honesty a prerequisite to have an honesty box system in retail? Or could an honesty box bring out the true honesty of people?

Picture walking down the street, passing a neighbours house, there is a bucket labelled “avos for R10”. Next to the bucket filled with delicious ripe avocados is a small tin – lift the lid, pop in R10 and take your chosen avo. Simple, trusting, wonderful. This is a reality in a number of countries around the world. The mere thought of something like this working in South Africa is scoffed at time and again – “if you bolt that box down too well, not only will the avo’s and cash be stolen, but you will lose your wall too.”

Well the Munching Mongoose thinks differently and believe that people are inherently good, and more importantly that South Africans are in fact a special kind of awesome. Where else in the world is there the spirit of Ubuntu, gogos and oumas, boets and brrra’s? Where despite so many perceived differences we can band together and take on anything.

Believe in health, joy, family… and South Africa

The Munching Mongoose is looking to break the mold again. From turning local, organic small scale farm produce into a fun experience and getting families together around the dinner table in a quirky way. Now it is time to show that not only is there an amazing under current of energy in the entrepreneurial and farming space, but that the true spirit of South Africa and South Africans is equally incredible.

The Munching Mongoose will be opening up another pop up shop at 27 Boxes in Melville in the beginning of May, but this time they will be putting our faith in all South Africans, by operating the retail store, unstaffed and with an honesty box payment system. That’s right, the shop will be open and will stock some amazing products from incredible South African artisans and small scale producers, but there will be no staff in the shop. Customers will be able to select the items they want and pay via dropping cash into the “honesty box” or by paying using SnapScan…then leave. Simple.

Is there a chance that the store will be robbed blind and this will essentially be a horrible and expensive failure? Sure, but they believe that they may also all be blown away by the true honest nature of South Africans and this could be a catalyst towards something brilliant and groundbreaking, both locally and around the world… not just neighbourhood avos – but full blown “Honesty Box Retail”.


To find out more contact or call 079 910 0682


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