Robertsons Spices launched their “Famous for Flavour” campaign with a bang by inviting over 100 guests to the Signature restaurant to taste an all-new 3-course menu. The guests were surprised to learn that the menu was designed and prepared by three home cooks, Ameer Cloete, Gina Moakamedi, and Angelique Booyens, and not the restaurant’s culinary team. The event aimed to recognize and celebrate everyday cooks who are passionate about food and cooking for those around them.

The campaign aims to encourage people to use Robertson’s spices as the key ingredient to deliver a flavor punch in any dish. According to Dehné Peters, Senior Brand Manager at Robertson’s, “Our hope is that the campaign will allow us to re-invigorate interest and brand love with our citizens. We also want to encourage them to use our iconic, expertly blended spices as the key ingredient to delivering a flavor punch in any dish, everytime.”

The three home cooks, who created the menu, were thrilled to showcase their culinary skills at such an event. Ameer Cloete, an amateur baker, created the Asian Chicken Dumplings starter and Cinnamon Spiced Ice Cream dessert. Gina Moakamedi, a full-time mechanical engineer, expertly juggles her passion for cooking with her career. She created the Traditional Oxtail main course and the Malva Pudding dessert, which received rave reviews from the attendees. Angelique Booyens, a 27-year-old food photographer and stylist who owns a Cape Town based studio, The Good Roots, created the Prosciutto Wrapped Figs starter and the Spicy Chickpea Curry.

The Famous for Flavour campaign is ongoing, and Robertson’s is looking for nine more home cooks to participate in their competition. The winners will share close to R300 000 in prizes, including cash prizes of up to R20 000. The campaign is a reminder that anyone can be famous for flavor with Robertson’s spices, and the brand hopes to encourage more people to explore their passion for cooking and flavor.

In conclusion, the Famous for Flavour campaign is an excellent opportunity for home cooks to showcase their culinary skills and win prizes. It is also a reminder to use Robertson’s spices to add flavor and spice to any dish. The campaign is ongoing, and the brand encourages all South Africans who are passionate about cooking and flavors to participate.

To enter home cooks are required to make their famous dish using any Robertsons product, take a picture of themselves holding the dish, sign up on the Whats for Dinner website and upload their photo.