The Viking spirit continues to live on in the proud, adventurous and fiercely independent taste of Highland Park single malt Scotch whisky.

“This meticulously crafted, award-winning whisky pays tribute to the descendants of the Vikings, their adventuring spirit, their determined approach to life and their single-minded way of doing things and will resonate with those of us who like to chart our own course,” explains Rowan Leibbrandt founding partner of premium liquor Distributor Truman & Orange.

It was early in the 9th century when Viking longboats left the shores of Denmark and Norway to navigate uncharted waters in search of new lands to conquer. They soon came upon the remote islands of Orkney, scattered off the extreme north coast of Scotland below the Arctic Circle and were swept up into a vast Viking kingdom ruled by a succession of Viking Earls.

The founder of Highland Park, Magnus Eunson was a direct descendant of one of the original Viking Earls who ruled Orkney. An enterprising character, Magnus was a butcher and church officer by day and a bootlegger and smuggler by night. People say that the distillery was founded in 1798 but in truth, that’s just the year the authorities finally caught up with Magnus and gave him the option of paying taxes or go to jail.

Except for the bootlegging operation, today little has changed and Highland Park whisky is still made the same traditional way, but by a new generation of modern Viking souls.

The Viking Heroes

The heroes of Highland Park are all presented in beautifully designed bottles and packaging featuring decorative emblems inspired by ancient Viking art:

Highland Park 18-Year-Old Viking Pride

This aptly named single malt owes everything to the 5 keystones of production that have been honoured for over 220 years. The high ratio of first-fill sherry seasoned European and American oak casks selected to create this 18 Year Old gives it a unique flavour profile bursting with overripe cherries, bitter dark chocolate, sweet marzipan, floral heather honey and aromatic peat smoke.

Highland Park 12-Year-Old Viking Honour

Predominantly aged in sherry-seasoned European and American oak casks, the 12-Year-Old boasts warm wintery spices and is the perfect balance of smoky sweetness, heather honey, rich fruitcake, spice, orange and peat flavours.

10-Year-Old Viking Scars

Matured in sherry-seasoned European and American oak casks, the 10 Year Old is a fistful of fallen oranges, dollops of vanilla cream and smoky heather peat.

The Viking ancestors believed that nothing in life should come easy. Whisky tastes better when you’ve earned it and victory tastes better when you put in the legwork.

Worthwhile things take time and they test your worth. It’s the painstaking result of hard work, sacrifice, and fierce dedication. It’s applying tough love and single-minded dedication to create distinctive single malts. It’s battling the elements and knowing tradition still defies convention. It’s digging out 4000-year-old peat moor one shovel at a time.

If you can appreciate that, then sit back and pour yourself a Highland Park and raise your glass to what’s in it.

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Recommended retail prices:

  • 10-Year-Old Viking Scars R 449.99
  • 12-Year-Old Viking Honour R 549.99
  • 18-Year-Old Viking Pride R 1799.99

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