One of the leading global luxury publications, Business of Fashion, recently concluded that there is no luxury in skin care. The verdict: While many brands sell expensive products, practically no brand is focusing on a holistic luxury experience.

When Supriya Mody envisioned FutureMe, she dreamed about a different reality. A reality, where skin care can actually be a luxury experience in every aspect. Instead of worrying about concerns, she wanted to inspire her clients about unlocking their future potential now. The realization of this dream is FutureMe, a brand that inspires the most discerning woman in the world about their unlimited potential by giving wings to their dreams.

Supriya Mody is the scion of Unichem, an Indian multinational pharmaceutical company having an 80-year legacy of pioneering and building up the Indian pharmaceutical sector. Fueled by her heritage and a profound passion for beauty and opulence, she aspired to embark on an unprecedented venture: creating a brand that proves that skin care can be luxury in every aspect.

The experience of FutureMe starts with Supriya’s conviction that everything starts with a dream. Dreams are the starting point of every breakthrough achievement. When we dare to dream, when we don’t take no for an answer, when we embrace who we are, the possibilities are unlimited. The result: FutureMe. The manifestation of Supriya’s dream. A breakthrough skin care brand that inspired to dream about unlimited possibilities. A brand that is all about its customers and their journey towards their future. A journey of dreams. A journey whose possibilities are unlimited. A journey that gives wings to their dreams. With real results.

“Why do most skin care brands always talk about concerns?” asks Supriya. I want to flip the script and talk about what could be. When you indulge in luxury, you should not worry about concerns. You should simply feel at your best. When the brand was conceived, the aim was to inspire never to take no for an answer, to follow your instincts, and to ultimately to turn your dreams into a reality that is larger than you could have ever imagined. This is what wings to your dreams is all about. It is more than an ethos. It is a lifestyle, a philosophy of owning your life and not allowing anyone to restrict you in living life your way.

FutureMe is a community of people who believe in dreams and who want real results. It begins with a community of powerful woman who don’t compromise. And who would not settle for anything but the best.

For skin care this means not to compromise on performance and indulgence. Knowing that you chose one of the most powerful formulas in the world, infused by FutureBlend, a complex that allows the most potent active ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin and produce visible results effortlessly. And while your skin unfolds the future of you, you will indulge in scents and textures that will dramatically shift your understanding of how sensual and performing a skin care line can be.

Wings to your dreams is more than a promise. It is a daily affirmation of the possibilities of life. Your possibilities. Your life. Your dream.

The world of FutureMe can be explored in its first, one of its kind brand experiences worldwide, in Cape Town. It provides an ultra-exclusive, by appointment only immersion into your dreams. The World of FutureMe also provides a profound inspiration online on

  • Wings to your dreams is the promise of unlimited potential, inspired by a real luxury skin care experience.
  • A personalized client experience through both the World of FutureMe, and online
  • Pushing the notion of what luxury skin care can be with an end-to-end indulgent client experience.
  • Formulas that make a difference, bridging high performance with ultra-indulgence, so that clients don’t need to compromise anymore.

FutureBlend Press Release v1.1

It all started with a dream. The dream to redefine what luxury skin care can be: FutureMe. At the heart of all FutureMe products if FutureBlend, a potent formula complex that is the secret behind the performance of the brand.

FutureBlend’s journey commences with Supriya Mody. Leverging her pharmaceutical background, Supriya harnessed an extensive knowledge base concerning botanical extracts and the breakthroughs in modern science – think Peptides and HA. Yet, she recognized a pivotal challenge: these ingredients would remain dormant unless they could effectively permeate the skin.

Drawing upon her expertise, she ingeniously formulated a fusion of botanical extracts, designed to actualize her grand vision of unparalleled efficacy and luxury. In her quest to conquer the challenge of deep skin penetration, she sought the guidance of Dr. Renuka. One of the most accomplished and highest awarded experts in formulations of skin care products worldwide.

The journey spanned years, marked by tireless dedication and innovation. A groundbreaking method emerged – Sound Therapy, combined with the meticulously tuned Beauty Frequency – a unique feature that during the production process enables the power of FutureBlend, multiplying the potency of active ingredients to an unprecedented degree.

As a results, FutureBlend not only harnesses the potent botanical extracts thoughtfully sourced from across the globe, but is able to transport these deep into the skin to unfold their transformative power. These extracts mark the pinnacle of antioxidant potency, synergistically complemented by modern science’s finest activities.

Through the transformative process of South Therapy, FutureBlend augments penetration, unlocking benefits at the very cellular level. In every jar, FutureBlend doesn’t merely offer skin care at highest level, it helps unfolding the wings to your dreams.

  • Breakthrough formula in skin care, focusing on deep penetration of ingredients through a proprietary process of South Therapy using Beauty Frequency that activated the potency of high performing ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin.
  • More than five years of formula development, backed by the research and development capabilities of one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies with focus on measurable and visible results.
  • Sound Therapy is the guiding principle behind the meticulously tunes Beauty Frequency. It took years to find the right calibration to potentialize the active ingredients through deep skin penetration.
  • Each of the high-performing and luxurious FutureMe products works on a cellular level and unlocks the future of skin beauty.