Dr. Gwen Ramokgopa, Treasurer General of the African National Congress (ANC), delivered an impactful keynote address at the FORBES WOMAN AFRICA Leading Women Summit 2024, held in Johannesburg. The event marked a significant gathering of female leaders and pioneers from various fields across the continent, coming together to commemorate International Women’s Day in Africa.

Among the distinguished attendees were figures such as Valdene Reddy, Director of Capital Markets at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, renowned South African singer Shekinah, Clare Akamanzi, CEO of NBA Africa, Jennifer Bash, CEO of Alaska Tanzania, and Abiola Ijasanmi, the COO of the Confederation of African Football.

In her speech, Ramokgopa highlighted the journey of women in breaking through perceived barriers, emphasizing the importance of seizing opportunities and challenging conventional limitations. She celebrated the achievements made in empowering women and improving the lives of girls, while also raising critical questions about the path to achieving greater gender equity in society.

Ramokgopa acknowledged the persistent challenges and inequalities faced by women globally, citing statistics on poverty, conflict areas, and the impact of climate change. She stressed the need for concerted efforts to uplift marginalized women and girls across Africa, echoing the sentiment that the emancipation of women is not merely an act of charity but a fundamental necessity for societal progress.

Furthermore, Ramokgopa underscored the imperative for African nations to prioritize gender equality in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. She highlighted the potential for lifting millions of women out of poverty through education, fair wages, and expanded social benefits, while also emphasizing the need for greater support for women-led businesses and initiatives.

In closing, Ramokgopa emphasized the importance of continued collaboration and innovation in overcoming lingering challenges. She called upon women to stand up and support one another, emphasizing the importance of lifting others as they rise themselves, and fostering positive impact beyond individual achievements.