Pro-Collagen Banking Serum is 94% more effective in preserving skin’s collagen for plumper, fuller skin.*
*Versus untreated skin. Based on in-vitro testing.

Deceptive marketing is often the norm in skin care. This is especially true where collagen is concerned. Consumers know that collagen is the key to maintaining radiant, healthy-looking skin – but they’re misled to believe that applying it topically can replenish their skin’s natural collagen levels.

Let’s separate fact from fiction: topically applied collagen molecules are simply too large to penetrate skin’s surface or restore its collagen reserves, so we can’t build collagen by applying collagen. However, we can help preserve the collagen skin already has.

That’s where Dermalogica’s new Pro-Collagen Banking Serum comes in. Packed with amino acids – the building blocks of collagen – this formula gets key ingredients where your skin needs them, and goes beyond plumping to help preserve the collagen your skin has now. The result: more resilient, visibly plumper, and more luminous skin, along with a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles into the future.

Pro-Collagen Banking Serum is formulated with actives to promote, protect and preserve skin’s collagen today, so you have more tomorrow:

pro-collagen preservation complex

with Collagen Amino Acids and Carnosine Dipeptide helps save collagen

jojoba ester and polyglutamic acid

nourish + plump for a firmer appearance

wild indigo extract and arginine PCA

help restore skin’s radiance

pink carnation flower extract

helps improve skin’s softness and resilience

It promotes healthy skin aging at every age – so whether you’re looking to prevent the first signs of visible premature skin aging or address existing fine lines and wrinkles, you can bank on healthy aging.

Clinical claim

cheeks and jawline look firmer within 7 days**

**Results after 7 days. Obtained during independent clinical testing of 63 people, 2 applications/day for 12 weeks.


Pro-Collagen Banking Serum comes in a 30 mL bottle. Find it at authorized Dermalogica spas, salons and skin centers starting on 19 February, 2024.