Decorum Stylists Unveils Their Inaugural Collection, Afrika Borwa ya Rona in PARIS 2023

South African Luxury Suit Tailoring Brand Challenges Conventional Couple Goals

Johannesburg South Africa, Monday, 2 October 2023] – Decorum Stylists, the esteemed luxury suit tailoring brand from South Africa, made its debut on the international fashion stage with an exclusive showcase of their inaugural collection, Afrika Borwa ya Rona at Paris Fashion Week Studio show last week Wednesday, 27th of September 2023, and left the French audience captivated with its artistry, attention to detail, and unwavering commitment to quality. 

The brand aims to leave a lasting impression on the international fashion landscape, setting new standards in the luxury suit tailoring industry.  Decorum Stylists is a luxury suit tailoring brand based in South Africa. 


Founded by Mr & Mrs Decor um (Mphahlela Mokgatle and Rethabile Mokgatle), the brand caters equally to men and women, offering made-to-measure suits and apparel of exceptional quality. Combining boldness with class and simplicity with sophistication, DEcorum Stylists challenges conventional couple goals and redefines luxury fashion. With a commitment to personalized attention and uncompromised standards, the brand aims to provide a unique and empowering and empowering experience for every client.  

Mr Mphahlela Mokgatle, is a Chartered Accountant and renowned influencer in men’s fashion, corporate etiquette, personal styling, and brand development, joins forces with Mrs Decorum, an accomplished Attorney and advocate for self-expression and individualism. Together, they have crafted a brand that challenges the status quo, leaving an indelible mark on the apparel and personal styling industry.


Decorum Stylists embodies a unique blend of boldness and class, simplicity and sophistication. With a vision to deliver exceptional quality, each product is meticulously made-to-measure, adhering to the highest international standards. At Decorum Stylists, clients receive unparalleled personalized attention, as the brand understands and respects individual needs and preferences, without compromising on quality and standards.


“Decorum Stylists is more than just a brand; it is a statement of refined elegance,” said Mr Decorum. “We believe that everyone deserves to experience the luxury and confidence that comes with tailored apparel, regardless of gender. Our goal is to provide a bespoke experience for our clients, where their individuality is celebrated and their unique style is given the utmost attention.”

The debut in Paris was hosted by Fashion Week Studio and marks a significant milestone for Decorum Stylists, showcasing their ability to fuse African ingenuity with global fashion trends. The collection is a testament to the brand’s commitment to excellence and innovation, featuring designs that effortlessly blend classic aesthetics with contemporary influences.