It’s more than a menu. It’s a celebration

We love Pizza. And we definitely, most especially love Col’cacchio pizza. The great news is that they are celebrating 25 years of love, magic and pizza, and have made some delicious additions to the menu. For those who don’t like change – don’t panic, the old favourites that made Col’cacchios famous haven’t gone anywhere (thank goodness) – such as the incredible selection of salads, and of course the half & half pizzas (for those who cannot make up their mind). The highlights of the new offering? We love the new meat dishes on the menu, but the absolute draw card? – the desserts!!! Try the Carb Conscious Cheesecake (for the banting crowd), and the Chocolate Pizza and Chocolate Brownies (for the rest of us). Another highlight is the Zucca pizza – especially for vegetarians and vegans. Who would have thought that something so healthy could be that delicious? So if you want to try something old, or something new – Col’cacchio’s will not disappoint.

Come Hungry,
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