Premiering in South Africa on Monday, 4 December at 22:00 

Ten Americans with wildly diverse backgrounds and beliefs embark on a social experiment in Survive the Raft that will test whether they can put their differences aside and work together for a common goal … to win a fortune. 


[Johannesburg, SA]:  TLC announces Survive the Raft, an exhilarating new series that pushes the boundaries of reality television, blending survival epic with a captivating social experiment. Based on a 1973 social experiment, the nine-episode series challenges the notion of whether strangers from diverse walks of life can unite for a common purpose. 


Hosted by United States Army Green Beret, NFL football player, and actor Nate Boyer, Survive the Raft takes nine original contestants on a daring journey aboard the Acali II, testing their ability to collaborate and overcome personal differences. Set against the stunning backdrop of Panama’s Pearl Islands, the contestants face a 21-day adventure that will determine if personal interests can be set aside in pursuit of a shared fortune. 


With each successful mission, the team accumulates funds in a communal cash pot to be equally divided among those who make it to the end. Participants are tasked with physical and intellectual challenges designed to disrupt and divide the group, creating a dynamic and intense experience. At the conclusion of each episode, the crew faces the choice to continue as a united group or swap out one member for a new participant. 


“It’s a unique social experiment exploring teamwork, unity, and individual sacrifice,” expresses Nate Boyer. “Survive the Raft is not just a survival epic; it’s a fascinating social experiment that delves into the human spirit. It’s about whether a diverse group can come together and overcome personal differences for a common goal.” 



Meet the cast: Mykhal Polite – Athlete and fitness trainer; Lashanna Lintamo – A master welder and entrepreneur; Russell Ellis – A former military investigator; Tara Colucci – A ‘self-proclaimed Karen’; Merissa Underwood – Vegan Miss Montana; Summer Homayed – A chef and mom; Elliot Capella – Bodybuilder; Maddie Witt – A non-profit coordinator; Summer Sawaya – Fisherwoman and athlete; CJ Duffie – Freedive and spearfishing instructor. 


As participants face physical and intellectual challenges designed to disrupt and divide, the central question looms: Will the good for all outweigh the good for one? 


Don’t miss the gripping premiere of Survive the Raft on TLC South Africa on Monday, 4 December @ 22h00, where the uncharted waters of social experiment collide with the epic journey of survival. It’s an unmissable adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat, questioning the limits of collaboration and the strength of the human spirit. 


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