Second Chance Wildlife, The Aspinall Foundation, and Isindile Big Cat and Predator Sanctuary Collaborate on International Tiger Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Translocation from Pakistan to South Africa

The Aspinall Foundation and Isindile Big Cat and Predator Sanctuary, partners with Second Chance Wildlife to Rescue Baboo the Tiger

A remarkable story of resilience unfolded today as a tiger rescued from the clutches of the exotic pet trade safely completed a journey to a new life in South Africa. Baboo, a Bengal tiger cub, has been under the dedicated care of the Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) and Second Chance Wildlife (SCW)in Pakistan since his rescue on 7 December 2022 when he was found at a local Islamabad veterinarian’s office in a dire the tender age of four months. The cub was suffering from severe malnourishment and over 10 bone fractures in his body. IWMB, in consultation with experts from The Aspinall Foundation in South Africa, seized control of the tiger and commenced with providing intensive medical treatment and rehabilitation. This included a tailored diet along with daily physical therapy in a specially prepared cage with sunlight exposure.

After seven weeks of constant care, Baboo showed remarkable improvement, gaining the ability to stand and move around his specially designed hospital enclosure, eventually transitioning to a larger enclosure as his mobility advanced.

Specialist veterinarian Dr. Peter Caldwell from South Africa provided critical advice throughout the rehabilitation process, and this assisted significantly in the tiger’s improvement. In mid-2023, the Pakistani Federal Minister for Climate Change, recognizing the cub’s need for a more suitable long-term habitat, advised against using  Baboo as an exhibit and recommended relocation to a suitable sanctuary abroad. Subsequently, the IWMB and The Aspinall Foundation partnered with Isindile Big Cat and Predator Sanctuary in South Africa’s Free State Province, selecting it as Baboo’s ethical forever home.

Baboo, now 17 months old and weighing over 70 kg’s has safely completed his extensive journey to South Africa which included a road transfer to the Islamabad Airport, two International Flights and then a lengthy road transfer from OR Tambo International Airport in South Africa to Isindile Big Cat and Predator Sanctuary. Baboo will join another rescued female tiger at Isindile.