The best craft coffee you can brew at home...

Want to enjoy barista-perfect coffee in the comfort of your own home? Craft Coffee, the buzzing artisanal roastery in Newton, Johannesburg, has set up shop online, so now the whole country can get a fix. Craft Coffee is now selling their premium roasted coffee online.

While Craft Coffee is proudly South African, the beans are ethically sourced to support grassroots farmers while producing some of the finest roasted coffee in the world. El Salvador? They’ve got it. Ethiopia Sidamo? Coming right up! They can even customise an individual blend for you!

If you’re in Jozi, step into their Newton roastery to enjoy a guided tasting, grab a cup of your favourite blend or book a roastery tour with friends. (It’s a fun team building exercise too!) The latter needs to be booked in advance.

A premium blend of art, science and passion, Craft Coffee trains world class baristas and consults as well as assists with the setting up and management of cafés and coffee shops. The roastery is open Monday to Friday, 07h30 to 16h30 and on advertised Saturdays.

Combining art and science, they produce some of the best roasted coffee in the world

Roasting is a ‘love’ and at Craft Coffee their culture is exemplified by the warm, professional and exceptionally knowledgeable staff, who are committed to offering top quality roasted coffee. Their role is to bring exciting and interesting single origins and premium blends to customers. Their beans are ethically sourced and traceable, thus supporting, investing and uplifting farmers worldwide – quality and consistency is their key to success.

For roastery bookings or training enquiries, contact or call (011) 492 0501. The Craft Coffee café and roastery is located at 50 GwiGwi Mrwebi Street, Newtown.  To shop, visit

Follow them on social media – @craftcoffeesa and @thedailybuzzsa.

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