And birthed in a time of momentous change and transformation

 Mutual collaboration in a time of change, transformed a previous client and supplier relationship into a partnership. Founders Larry Hodes and Marco Da Silva, birthed Coffefe Roastery, through their combined love and appreciation for coffee without the usual side order of pretention.

This roastery offers a refreshing, playful and down to earth take on specialty coffee. It’s not hipster. It’s not toffee-nosed. But it is unapologetic. Unapologetic about celebrating the unique, no bulls*%&t nature of all coffee beans.

Coffefe Roastery, situated within the Gourmet Grocer, invites all to come learn, taste, develop, feedback and purchase a selection of freshly roasted coffee offers. The local community’s involvement in developing a bespoke Birdhaven blend, lends testament to their engaging and interactive approach.

So if you are in the hood and wish to experience coffee that can be easily understood, pop into the roastery or follow them on @coffefesa #CoffefeRoastery.

Coffee beans are currently available to buy at the Gourmet Grocer in Birdhaven at the Coffefe Roastery.


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