Rebecca Kambule, Owner of REMPO Consulting shares her delightful experience at AtholPlace Hotel and Villa...

Tucked away down the road from the bustling business district of Sandton CBD; AtholPlace Hotel & Villa is conveniently located close to a haven of some of the best shopping spots, activities; a stunning base for your Joburg fun-filled and lifetime experiences.

Today though is about staying in and experiencing a destination designed for the enjoyment of a sumptuous life and innovative cuisine. AtholPlace Hotel & Villa embodies a luxurious home away from home feel, through tasteful use of bold and bright colours, airy and generously proportioned spaces that are induced with modern touches plus the warm hospitality.

South African paintings adorn the walls, ascetic sculptures frame the garden outside, and are strategically placed throughout the interiors; giving the most welcoming and unique exclamation on each of the spaces! The host and servers are always on hand to acknowledge you, be it with a nod, a smile and timely offer of assistance.

“The host and servers are always on hand to acknowledge you, be it with a nod, a smile and timely offer of assistance”

-Rebecca Kambule

9 Guest Suites

These are individually designed and dotted with versatile modern furnishings, art pieces, and the latest conveniences befitting of luxury hospitality. In my numerous travels, never did I see so much cupboard space in a guest suite – the size that you find in a private home!

The silent mini bar – you will not hear a peep coming from your in-suite refrigerator. This is pure luxury – ‘a discrete and private space with ample room to make yourself at home and remind you that you are an honoured guest’.

AtholPlace Restaurant is an elegant cosy space where the sophisticated use of soft tones of pinks and earthy colours, the artefacts and paintings on the walls, crackling sound from the fireplace, set the tone for a culinary journey to savour!


*The Wine List*
It is an evolving celebration of selected wine valleys, carefully curated from a handful boutique wine farms of the Western Cape. I love a good Pinot Noir, as it is an erratic, yet delightful drink that can take you from starter to dessert. I opted for the Reserve Pinot Noir by Creation Wines – a smooth and complex drink, with hints of raspberry, notes of dried fruit and pepper. This was my “wine of balance” for the evening – decadent!

*Bread and butter* (or in this case, Gourmet Garlic Bread) – always a most welcome inclusion at a dining table. The Chef added a twist by presenting freshly baked bread, herbed butter, smoked cloves of ginger and herbal salt?. Bread-ovation!

I had the Braised Beef Cheek with Gnocchi, Caramalised Shallots, Cacao Nibs. A touch of chocolate on red meat is a welcome marriage. This is a perfect, sumptuous winter dish that I love and would recommend anytime. The beef is cooked off the bone to perfection and shredded, which took me to the traditional Setswana dish called Seswaa, usually prepared at traditional ceremonies and celebrations. The hard parts of beef/ goat meat are slow-cooked and shredded. This was my hit dish!

*Sweet Temptation*
I indulged in a Pistachio Flexi Ganache with Texture of Lime, which can be best described as deconstructed edible porcelain art, some crystal Knick-Knack creation.
A reminder that being a Chef is about creating, continually innovating!
So fresh, perfect, so clean on the palate – ultra delicious sums it up! This ended my dinner, coupled with a silky cappuccino.

Dining is an indulgent multi- sensory experience – I absolutely enjoyed my experience at AtholPlace Restaurant.


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